Southlake, TX Phytophthora Disease


What causes Phytophthora to happen? Phytophthora, also called root rot or stump rot, can be a serious fungal disease that affects trees and plants all over the globe. Expert tree companies are regularly confronted with this problem. Southlake trees infected can show early leaf shedding and browning, yellow leaves, wilting and sometimes death. This resistant fungal species can survive long periods of drought by hiding deep in the soil. However disease-carrying fungal spores thrive in cool, damp soil.

Standing water can contribute to the spread of Phytophthora. Irrigated soil is almost always infected. Southlake had a variety of weather conditions that contributed to the rapid development of the disease. Arborists are familiar with the numerous signs and symptoms.


Diagnosing Phytophthora

It can be time-consuming and difficult to accurately diagnose Phytophthora. Expert plant pathologists must examine both the visible and hidden parts of the tree. Lab testing is also necessary. The most obvious signs of Phytophthora disease are the presence of growing cankers around the trunk. These cankers cause a slimy, wet interior and a brownish-red exterior. Another sign of the disease could be mites and insects. Southlake trees could not display symptoms of the disease until summer months if it does not have sufficient strong roots. A tree infected may die within one week. If you suspect your tree is infected, it’s important to contact a professional arborist and tree company.


Proper treatment of phytophthora

Southlake Certified Arborists are the best people to help combat phytophthora. It can be very difficult and sometimes impossible for this serious fungal disease to be eradicated once it has been developed. In order to ensure the health of your important feeder roots, you need to make sure that there is adequate drainage. Trees must be protected from any injuries or wounds that may occur. You can help prevent phytophthora by using sulfur-based fertilizers and fungicides as well as deep root fertilization. Southlake Tree Service & Stump Grinding will design a preventative maintenance and treatment plan to ensure that your trees are healthy and don’t fall prey to this deadly disease.