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Oak Wilt is a condition that we have treated in Southlake for over twenty years

Oak Wilt can be caused by vascular tree diseases.

Oak Wilt, a fatal vascular disease, is devastating! Each year, thousands of oak trees are felled.

After being infected by this deadly tree disease, very few trees survive. Oak wilt seems to prolong the lives of live oak trees. But they will all eventually succumb to the oak wilt tree diseases.


Southlake Oak Wilt fungal branch disease can be treated.

The health of a tree can be determined by its leaves. A person’s skin, hair, nails, and skin could all indicate if he or she has a problem. Similar to a person’s skin, hair and nails, the leaves on a tree will tell you if it’s in poor health.

Live Oak trees have an oval shape leaf, with veins running from side to side. They look almost like a leaf shape. Healthy live oaks should not have any color discoloration in the leaf, other than solid green on one and lighter green on the opposite.

This is important to remember when you inspect your Live Oak. Live Oaks are green throughout winter, and they don’t shed until the beginning of spring. This is when you’ll start to notice live oak leaves starting to turn brown, and then fall off the tree. Because the rest of the trees are still in their spring, the Live Oak may start to look sick.

It’s normal. Keep in mind that not all Live Oaks shed at precisely the same time. This could mean that several Live Oak trees may shed weeks apart. This is quite normal, and it should not alarm anyone.

The yellowish-brown color of leaves from the center can be a sign that the tree is suffering from the disease. This could happen between May and December. This could be a sign that the tree has a disease problem. You should contact a professional Arborist for lab work on your tree to diagnose the problem.

This could be an indication of Oak Wilt Disease. It is a fatal vascular disease. The blue liquefied chemical Alamo Fungicide blue will be helpful but Oak wilt is a fatal disease that can only be treated once the oak has died.

Live Oaks can be social trees. If they are near other trees, such as other Live Oaks or other Live Oaks in the vicinity, they may inter-tangle their roots. Oak Wilt could spread from one tree to the rest. It is important to diagnose and treat the disease.

Oak Wilt will usually kill live oaks within 1-6months of being infected.


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Oak Wilt and Red Oak Trees

This article will explain the differences between the contamination of Red Oaks and Live Oaks.

Oak Wilt will kill almost all red oaks. Oak Wilt is also transmitted by land contamination. Trees will normally need to be host trees to spread the disease. The fungal spores that red oaks produce attract all sorts of insects. In the above picture, you can see one of these bugs: the sap-feeding Nitidulid Beetles.

This beetle can infect another tree if it moves on to one with bark missing from a specific area. This is why it’s best to prune trees in late winter so that the tree has time to dry and seal the cut areas before they become infected in spring and summer.

Oak Wilt can also spread through man. To do this, cut off any contaminated wood and place it in an area where other red oaks exist. Before cutting wood, inspect it thoroughly before moving it to the location you want.


Oak Wilt Treatment

Oak Wilt: Best Way to Treat

Southlake Tree Service & Stump Grinding has used the same protocol for treating oak Wilt for over 20 years. Treatment by trunk injections

  • Tebuconazole and Mauget
  • Propizol Propiconazole – arborjet
  • Propiconazole – Alamo

Alamo Propiconazole, our first choice in Oak Wilt treatment, is recommended. For Oak Wilt control, back hole trenching should be as important as the treatment with fungicides. Stopping the spread of Oak Wilt Fungus to other trees is possible by cutting down the root systems of affected trees. Dead trees should be cut down in the winter, when it is easier to spread the Oak Wilt Fungus. Additionally, all Oak Wilt wood that has been cut should be removed from the property.


Saving sick trees during all seasons

Best Oak Wilt Treatment Southlake TX

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